Lucien and Cara

As a certified nurse midwife, Linda can provide well-baby exams from birth to 6 weeks. Linda is skilled and available to provide follow-up visits for your baby to check on growth, newborn variations, and answer the many questions that accompany the arrival of a new baby. Baby exams are billed separately from breastfeeding counsel, as that is how the insurance industry views the services. However, Linda treats the mother-baby dyad as uniquely interconnected at birth, and for the entire postpartum period. 

Linda loves newborn and infant care, and her skill with babies enhances each child's evaluation. Most nurse midwives in the U.S. do not provide infant care when working in obstetrics. As an independently practicing NP, Linda has been able to practice full scope nurse midwifery care and continues to see babies to six weeks of age. Support, counsel and encouragement for successful breastfeeding is honored at EWHW. Linda breastfed each of her children for over 18 months and has helped hundreds of women breastfeed successfully. The Affordable Care Act contains options for creating codes for homevisits to women who are newly birthed and need support and education toward success in the breastfeeding relationship. Statistics clearly show that mothers receiving positive support and guidance for breastfeeding are better able to maintain exclusive breastfeeding for their baby’s first six months. In the U.S. the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends breastfeeding for at least 12 months; longer is encouraged. For additional information and assistance in breastfeeding, there is a guide in the Women's Health Services tab of this website.

Photo above: Cara Frantz with son Lucean, born at home; second homebirth for Cara. Cara spent time training with Linda in Jackson and Josephine counties and is now a Licensed Midwife in Oregon. You can find her at