Annual Exams

Welcome to the World of Women’s Health! It is truly visionary to imagine that every woman will have the opportunity to seek and obtain health care by and for women. At Envision Women’s Health and Wellness, education goes hand in hand with women’s health exams. Health education and preventative care enhances every woman’s opportunity to lead a healthier life. 

Linda Lieberman is currently available to see women of all ages, including teens. She specializes in preventative women’s health exams and maintains full prescriptive privileges. She is skilled in gynecological care, including annual exams, contraception, fertility issues, pregnancy testing, menstrual cycle variations, vaginal and cervical health, breast exams, female sexuality, safe sex practices, and sexually transmitted infections. She provides primary care for many other issues in women’s health, as well as complete physical assessments and nutritional counseling. 

Linda refers to specialists when the situation arises. She may recommend traditional allopathic medicine or complimentary and alternative medicine, depending on the particular problem. Linda works individually with each client to determine what best meets their personal needs.