Prenatal Care

Weighing in

Prenatal care at Envision Women's Health and Wellness, LLC is comprehensive. Time is provided at each visit for education and discussion around the many screening practices currently in use during pregnancy. Physical markers of health and wellbeing in pregnancy are gathered at each visit. As a certified nurse midwife, Linda Lieberman is highly skilled at normal obstetrical care and knows when to refer women to practitioners in the community for additional screening and treatment, if needed.

Upon entry to care, the initial visit is usually about two hours. Linda takes a full history and does a complete physical exam to determine a woman's health status for a healthy pregancy. If a client prefers, Linda will obtain some of the history during a telephone interview. Clients can also enter their history through an on-line Patient Portal within Linda's Electronic Health Record (EHR) system to enhance and simplify the first visit.  Prenatal visits after the initial exam are usually about one hour, and are scheduled to take into account each woman's needs. Linda will discuss choices for birth during prenatal care. There are numerous options for gentle, peaceful birth here in the Willamette Valley. And although Linda is not currently providing labor and birth services, midwifery care for birth is available and supported in three locations in Linn-Benton counties: home, birth center and hospital.